Fast-track courtship for Chesterfield postman Roger Hawes after 'once in a lifetime chance' on telly's My Mum, Your Dad

Roger Hawes and Janey Smith on Good Morning Britain (photo: ITV)
Roger Hawes and Janey Smith on Good Morning Britain (photo: ITV)

Roger Hawes of Staveley and Janey Smith, who lives in Sussex, appeared on telly’s Good Morning Britain today (Monday) to confirm that they are still together four months after the cameras stopped rolling.

Janey said: "We've seen each other every weekend since the show – we've not missed a chance.” Roger commented: “She lives on the other side of the country to me but it's not an issue. I jump in my car and smile all the way down and get on the M25 and there’s traffic on the other side and I just sit there smiling at them....I'm going to meet Janey.”

The pair have had to adjust to their new-found fame when they go out in public. Roger, 59, said: “It’s been strange, it’s surreal, I sort of have a mini panic attack." Janey said: “We were in London and walking through Victoria Station and people were running up to us and grabbing hold. I don’t think the women were trying to manhandle me.”

Roger said: “We met a lady who was on her hen do who said ‘It’s lovely to meet you, it's such a romantic story and I think it's perfect.’ That was nice.”

Roger, who lost his wife to cancer 18 months ago, was asked by presenter Richard Madeley whether he wondered if he was ready to move on before he went on My Mum, Your Dad. He replied: “I thought to myself if I met someone, I think I’d fall hard and that’s what I did.”

Commenting on viewers’ reaction that it might have been too early for him to go on a dating show, Roger said: “It was a debate amongst our family which was split down the middle but I just thought once in a lifetime chance and I’m going to take it.”

Richard described Roger and Janey’s partnership as “a fast track courtship.”

Roger’s eldest daughter Jess, who nominated her father for My Mum, Your Dad gave the pair her 100% blessing, as did Janey’s son William, in the final episode of the ITV series.