Fatal shooting at Russian FSB office

Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, said on Friday a gunman had burst into one of its offices in the far east of the country and opened fire, killing one of its employees and a visitor before being himself shot dead.

The Site Intelligence Group, a U.S.-based monitoring service, said the self-styled Islamic State militant group had claimed responsibility for the attack through its propaganda arm, the Amaq agency.

However, Russian authorities said they believed the gunman was a neo-Nazi. The TASS news agency cited an unnamed FSB official as saying that the gunman was a local resident born in 1999.

Unidentified gunman opens fire in #FSB office in #Russia’s Khabarovskhttps://t.co/zwtLyD3HBC pic.twitter.com/Oy3MwzEh0P— TASS (@tassagency_en) April 21, 2017