Father admits leaving one-year-old son to die in park 12 years ago because he was ‘fried’ from taking drugs

Baden Bond was abandoned by his father 12 years ago and his body has never been found (Picture: AAP/Queensland Police

A father has admitted killing his one-year-old son by abandoning him in a park 12 years ago because he was “fried” from taking drugs.

Shane Arthur Simpson, 51, abandoned 22-month-old Baden Bond at a park near a river in Eagleby, Queensland, Australia, in May 2007.

The boy’s mother, Dina Colleen Bond, has continually lied to the Department of Child Safety in Australia and it was nearly 10 years before authorities realised the child hadn’t been seen by a doctor or enrolled in a school.

Baden was born with methamphetamine in his system during an attempted home birth, Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday.

He and the couple’s other children had been in the care of the state, but were returned to their parents a year later.

The couple believed Baden to be evil, the court heard, calling him “the devil’s child”. They blamed him for the removal of his siblings.

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His nappies were left unchanged and his bedroom locked and the windows darkened with spray paint.

Baden was last seen in March 2007 but wasn’t reported missing until June 2015 when a community services department went searching for him.

The couple lied that Baden was with relatives or in foster care.

In 2016, when Simpson admitted to police he had abandoned the child, he said “everything just got too much”.

Baden Bond’s parents have pleaded guilty to charges over his death (Picture: AAP)

He said he was “fried off my head” from taking drugs.

Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle said: “At the park, he put his hand on his head and said he was sorry.

“He jumped in the car and drove off. He said he was hoping someone would find him and look after him.”

The boy’s body has never been found.

Simpson pleaded guilty to manslaughter, while Bond has pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter for lying about her son’s whereabouts.

Both parents will be sentenced at a later date.

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