Father bursts into tears after daughter places coat over him when he was asleep

A dad burst into tears after realising his daughter placed her waistcoat over him when he was asleep in Shanghai, China. CCTV footage captured in Wang’s restaurant kitchen showed that his daughter came to find he was asleep alone, took off her own waistcoat and put it onto his back. Wang, who provided the video, said he runs a restaurant and there were not many customers that night so he fell asleep while planning the menu in the kitchen. When he woke up and saw his daughter's clothes on his back, he was so moved and burst into tears, thinking of the difficulty of maintaining the restaurant during the pandemic. Sit-down dining has been hit hard by the pandemic outbreak since 2020 in China. It was the main source of income for many restaurants. Many restaurants in Shanghai now have shifted their focus to delivery services, but they are still struggling to survive. The video was filmed on November 21.