Father carries sick daughter on shoulders after Indian hospital refuses to provide them with wheelchair

A poor father carried his sick daughter on his shoulder after hospital staff in south India refused to provide him with a wheelchair.

Sintrija, 14, collapsed and lost consciousness while playing in school on January 21 in Sirigere, Karnataka.

Her father, Maboosha, rushed her to Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) in Bellary in an ambulance, which dropped them in front of the ICU.

There the staff asked him to take his daughter to the cardiology department of the hospital. But they refused to give him a wheelchair saying the rules did not allow him to take it outside their building.

Left with no choice Maboosha carried his daughter on his shoulders and started walking.

It took him some effort to find the cardiology department and he walked all the way with his daughter over his shoulders.

The incident caused an uproar and the angry Health Minister of the state pulled up the hospital officials and asked for an explanation.