Father forced sex workers to abuse seven-year-old son ‘because he didn’t want him to be gay’

Patrick Kelleher
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A father has been sentenced to eight years in prison in Malta after he forced sex workers to abuse his seven-year-old son because he believed the boy was gay. Warning – descriptions of child abuse.

The horrifying incident occurred five years ago. The victim, now aged 12, came forward and told a social worker and police about his ordeal, despite his father’s threats that he would be locked away in an institution if he ever told anybody about the abuse.

The unnamed man, aged 65, was first charged five years ago after the two sex workers involved in the crime filed a report with a child protection agency.

A court heard that the pensioner, from Siġġiewi, forced sex workers to sexually abuse the boy because he “didn’t want his son to be gay because he already had two gay family members”, Malta Today reports.

Inspector Busuttil, who brought charges against the man, testified in court that suspicions were raised when a woman went to police claiming that she had lived with the abusive father.

The woman told police that the man had repeatedly taken her to Marsa during the time she lived with him and had forced her to engage in sex work.

She also said the man forced her to sexually abuse the child and that he had wanted to make the boy engage in group sex acts with women.

Following her report, the boy was interviewed by police in the presence of a social worker.

Depraved father would whip his son during sexual abuse ordeal.

Testifying in court, Inspector Busuttil said police came to believe through their conversation with the boy that the father had come up with “code words” for the boy to use around certain sexual acts.

Inspector Spiteri, who was also involved in the investigation, told the court that one of the sex workers said the man would whip his son with an electrical cord when he could not get an erection and would call him a “pufta”.

According to the sex workers, the boy was also sexually abused by other women at the behest of his father, while drugs were frequently taken in the boy’s presence.

The boy was taken into the care of a child protection agency after the abuse came to light and he has been placed in care.

The father pleaded not guilty in court, but he was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison by magistrate Audrey Demicoli.