Father and Son Encounter Deadly Funnel-Web Spider in Melbourne, Victoria

A man and his two-year-old son had a close encounter with a deadly funnel-web spider in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir, Victoria.

Footage taken by Andrew Bitto shows him removing the spider from his driveway.

“I can only guess why (the spider) was there, perhaps we broke up a struggle between it and a bird or something, moments before, by walking outside,” Britto told Storyful.

“My son was actually the first to see it, and he had the wisdom not to touch it, but to tell Daddy it was there! I like to teach my boy not to indiscriminately kill creatures unnecessarily, so in this case, I used the moment to show him we could safely move it somewhere it would not hurt us. We dropped our funnel web visitor about half a block away across and down the street in some shrubs.” Credit: Andrew Bitto via Storyful