Father and Son Play With Humongous Pet Python in Malaysia

In a striking video shared from Balik Pulau, Malaysia, Mohd Redzuan and his young son were seen playing in the water with Cik Kiah, their 485-pound reticulated python.

Redzuan, who goes by Abe, has always had a love for large snakes and found Cik Kiah – whose name is derived from “Makcik Kiah,” a sort of Malaysian “Jane Q Public” – trying to cross the road near his home 16 years ago when he helped capture her.

This footage showcases how Abe and his son play with the snake, from holding her head above water to allowing her to wrap herself around Abe’s neck, all without concern that Cik Kiah will hurt them.

Abe maintains that pythons are docile creatures and easy to maintain, unless they are eating, in which case they should be left alone.

“We have to respect every creature. For snakes, if you’re good to them, they will be good to you. That’s it,” he says.

Abe has five other pythons on his property and specifically rents his current home and the surrounding area to accommodate the large snakes, all of which he has permits for from the Wildlife and National Parks Department, he said. Credit: Mohammad Akmal Bin Jamaluadin via Storyful

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