This is what your favorite cookout food says about you

Is a hot dog a sandwich? More than half of Americans (53%) think so, according to new research. A recent survey of 2,000 Americans explored their cookout food and condiment preferences. When it comes to the order of constructing a hot dog, 75% of those surveyed revealed they've put their condiments on the bun first before adding the hot dog, and one in three out of that group agree it's less of a mess. Americans overwhelmingly prefer ketchup (63%) over mustard (27%), as a condiment. However, being an adventurous eater was found to be a more prevalent trait for mustard, rather than ketchup, enthusiasts (42% vs 34%). Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Applegate, a natural and organic meat brand in the United States, the study also found those who prefer hot dogs over burgers are more likely to identify as being picky eaters (34% vs 29%), single-taskers (24% vs 19%), and extroverts (24% vs 19%). Three in four opt for burgers over hot dogs, and when it comes to their personalities, more than half of burger fans (52%) think they're open-minded and responsible, compared to 46% of hot dog fans.

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