It’s Our Favorite 'Family Feud' Moments of the Week!

On “This Week in Game Shows,” we’re bringing you a special treat: our favorite moments from Family Feud.

Playing Fast Money, two contestants shared the same train of thought. The problem with that train was that it was way off the rails. When asked to name something a doctor would hate to run out of, both of them answered, “Stethoscope.”

Another contestant didn’t seem to have ever seen Tarzan. In fact, it’s quite possible that he doesn’t even know who Tarzan is. He tried to replicate the Tarzan yell, and what came out defies words.

Ever see the answers that flip on the board and wonder what they were thinking when they decided to put that? Well, get ready to shake your head.

And finally, do you want to be Steve Harvey’s friend? Watch this, then decide.

Check out Steve Harvey’s ridiculous look in an inflatable suit:

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