Fear the Walking Dead s4: everything you need to know

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Fear the Walking Dead surprised everyone this past year, enjoying a creative peak as the third season fired on all cylinders.

The acclaimed run led to some fans saying that the prequel is now officially better than the original series.

Even though Dave Erickson departed as showrunner after the finale, the future looks bright – but what can Fear fans expect from the fourth season? From the cast to the Walking Dead crossover, here's everything you need to know.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 4 air date: When is the premiere?

Fear the Walking Dead was renewed for a fourth season in April 2017, with Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg taking over from Dave Erickson as showrunners. Chambliss and Goldberg previously worked on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

In addition, Scott M Gimple – showrunner on the original Walking Dead series – has been added as an executive producer.

AMC confirmed on January 15 that we can expect 16 episodes split into two halves for season four, with the first half beginning on Sunday, April 15 in the US and on Monday, April 23 in the UK.

Filming began in November 2017 in Austin, Texas.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 4 cast: Who will be back, and did Troy survive?

12 actors were series regulars for season three. As you can see below, a bloodbath ensued and half of the main characters were killed off.

- Kim Dickens (Madison)

- Cliff Curtis (Travis)

- Frank Dillane (Nick)

- Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia)

- Colman Domingo (Victor Strand)

- Mercedes Mason (Ofelia)

- Danay Garcia (Luciana)

- Daniel Sharman (Troy)

- Sam Underwood (Jake)

- Lisandra Tena (Lola)

- Dayton Callie (Jeremiah)

- Ruben Blades (Daniel)

Yes, even though a lot of fans are hopeful that Troy is still alive, he is definitely dead – having been brutally hit in the head with a hammer twice by Madison in season 3 episode 15. Season 3 showrunner Dave Erickson confirmed this, even though he did consider the possibility of keeping the villain alive.

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"The truth of the matter is, he deserved it," Erickson said. "If anybody on our show deserved to go, it was Troy."

(Side-note: Daniel Sharman is shooting Medici: Masters of Florence season 2 until the end of 2017.)

As for the characters who are not confirmed dead yet, the fates of five out of the six remain up in the air by the season's end.

Madison is the only one who is 100% alive. She was seen emerging from the water, dragging herself to the safety of dry land after the dam blew up in season 3 episode 16.

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Alicia and Strand, on the lifeboat with Madison when it capsized in the flood, were viciously pulled underwater as well in the big climax of the finale, but have not been spotted since.

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Nick and Daniel were last seen on top of the dam as it was destroyed, as Nick triggered the explosives to avoid letting the Proctors gain control. Did they manage to make it off the crumbling dam alive?

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We've not seen any real indication that Alicia, Strand, Nick, and Daniel are dead – no corpses, for example (although Daniel did get shot in the face a little earlier) – and Erickson said after the finale aired that had he stayed on, these characters would have definitely survived. So we can tentatively assume that they are all still alive.

In fact, Debnam-Carey, Dillane, and Domingo were all present at the table read for the season premiere.

Lastly, Luciana hasn't been seen (Madison's dreams aside) since season 3 episode 5, when she left the Otto ranch. Her fate unknown, it is unclear if she will pull a Morales in season 4 or if she has been properly written out.

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Following an Instagram snap that offered a clue as to what Danay Garcia's involvement will be this coming season, she has confirmed that Luciana will be back in season four.

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