Fearless Diver Swims Among Tiger Sharks as They Feed on Giant Fish Head

A diver documented his experience swimming with two tiger sharks on August 21, as the sea predators fed on the head of a marlin 15 miles off the coast of Bermuda.

Egor Nesterenko was swimming near his boat when two mature male tiger sharks joined in. In the video, which he recorded with his GoPro camera, the sharks can be seen feeding rather violently on the marlin head, after the crew attached it to a chain and threw it in the water.

“We were swimming when the sharks approached so we were able to get a close-up look as they tossed around the head like a rag doll,” Nesterenko told Storyful.

The freediving instructor, who described the experience as being “incredibly humbling,” told Storyful: “Sharks are often misunderstood. While tiger sharks are considered to be some of the most aggressive species of shark when they hunt, they rarely ever attack humans.”

He added: “These are curious, intelligent and often gentle creatures but of course we need to respect them and be aware that they are apex predators in their natural environment, and their behavior can at times be unpredictable.” Credit: Egor Nesterenko via Storyful

Video transcript