Fearless OAP, 81, fights off cash machine mugger

David Harding

This is the moment a fearless 81-year-old woman fought off a mugger at a cash machine.

Brave Doreen Jones was targeted as she was withdrawing money from an ATM in Birmingham.

A woman, holding a piece of paper and gesturing, approached the OAP as she took out cash.

The twice-widowed pensioner told the woman to leave her alone, but Doreen’s attacker then barged in front of her and tried to snatch her bank card.

But the hero OAP would not back down.

She snatched the card back from the woman before grabbing her by her hair and collar.

Doreen Jones beats off her attacker (BBC)

The would-be mugger ended up fleeing the scene empty-handed.

"She wasn't expecting me, I tell you,” Doreen told BBC Crimewatch.

"I thought, 'No, you're not having my money, I've worked hard for that'.

"She started screaming. I don't know why she was screaming, it was me that should have been screaming and crying."

Police have now released the footage in a bid to catch the female suspect, who officers believe was pregnant.

The attack happened on May 20 at around 10.20 in the morning.

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Doreen has since suffered two heart attacks since the attack.

PSI Peter Rawlings of West Midlands Police said: "We believe she was watching Doreen before the incident and targeted her because she was elderly and had a stick.

"Doreen's a tough lady and this suspect chose the wrong pensioner.

"But it has had an effect on Doreen, she has had heart problems since the incident which may be linked."

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