Fearless Otter Chases Coyote in Florida's Seminole County

A gutsy otter was filmed chasing away a coyote on May 1 in a neighborhood in Seminole County, Florida, though the coyote quickly turned the tables, chasing the otter back and prompting it to slip away into bushes.

Tina Heil, a resident of Fern Park, just north of Orlando in Seminole County, said she was out walking her cat when she spotted the otter darting towards the coyote. Heil told Storyful she was “watching them go back and forth” for about 30 minutes, adding that “there were several chases”.

Heil said she recently started seeing the coyotes in the area, and believes a pack may be living nearby. Otters “mosey” in a nearby river, she said.

“Mr Coyote did not seem to be to scared of me at 9 am,” Heil wrote on Facebook, where she posted this footage.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says coyotes are present in all of Florida’s 67 counties but “are typically shy and elusive”, However, encounters between humans and coyotes were becoming more common due to developments. Credit: Tina Heil via Storyful

Video transcript

- You will not eat our otter.