Fearne Cotton describes cruel way she learned she was axed from TV role

Fearne Cotton
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Fearne Cotton has opened up about the harsh reality of her television career, including the shocking moment she discovered she had been dropped from a show while watching it on TV.

The 42 year old presenter revealed that throughout her career, she's been let go "millions of times" and was often not informed directly. She hosted the first series of BBC's Interior Design Masters in 2019 before being replaced by Alan Carr for subsequent seasons.

While Fearne chose not to disclose the specific programmes, she recounted how on two occasions over the past ten years, she found out she was no longer part of them when she saw another presenter taking her place.

Turning on the television to see someone else presenting what she believed were still her shows, Fearne shared: "I've been sacked a million times, I've been sacked and not told I've been sacked. You just turn the telly on and someone else is doing your job."

Now focusing on her wellness brand Happy Place, Fearne described the industry as "all a big game", reports the Mirror.

Navigating her career like a board game, she explained to The Times: "You've got the Monopoly board out and you're moving around [trying to] dodge the danger," Having risen to fame in the early 2000s with Top of the Pops, CITV, and CBBC, Fearne has since established a significant presence in the media. Her success continued with her non-fiction book 'Happy', which became a bestseller upon its release in 2017, leading to her acclaimed podcast, Happy Place.

Fearne Cotton, the TV presenter turned author, has penned a total of eight self-help books, including a vegan recipe book titled 'Happy Vegan' and a parenting guide called 'Yoga Babies'. In October 2022, she launched her 'Happy Place' app, aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles through guidance on exercise, diet, breathwork, sleep, and meditation.

Fearne, who is a mother of two with husband Jesse Wood, has been mostly sober since her late twenties and follows a plant-based diet.

Recently, Fearne opened up about the "steep learning curve" she experienced while transitioning into a new career path. She swapped television for literature, writing her first fiction novel titled 'Scripted'.

Despite enjoying the challenge, she confessed that it wasn't always easy. The presenter managed to keep her project under wraps "for a long time", until she had written 40,000 words.

Speaking to FAULT Magazine, Fearne revealed: "I thought I'd better get some feedback, just in case it was terrible! She [her writer friend Claire] loved the idea and encouraged me to keep going. I finished the book and then focused on finding a publisher."

Fearne admitted: "It was a steep learning curve, but I absolutely loved every minute of it."

The TV star spent two years on the project and despite the challenges, she thoroughly enjoyed the process. Editing the book took a year and Fearne insisted she "wouldn't trade the experience".