February is Heart Health Month

Dothan (WDHN) The month of February is Heart Health month.

Coming on WDHN Daytime to discuss heart health was Marla Hodge a certified registered nurse practitioner.

Hodge talked about ways to recognize when our own hearts are potentially unhealthy. We can recognize this when we feel chest pain, shortness of breath and unusual fatigue.

Hodge says “don’t use the internet, use your primary care physician that your established with. explain your symptoms and let them do an EKG.”

There are some ways that we can improve our heart health which include eating healthier, exercising, and checking your blood pressure. Hodge says to listen to your own body.

If you have family history of heart problems then it is never too early to start improving your own health.

Something Hodge did say peanuts were a great way to improve our hearts. They should be easy to come by in the peanut capital of the world, however the delicious, boiled peanuts are not the best for the health.

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