Feel like an astronaut for a day in zero gravity

MATT GOHD, CEO, ZERO GRAVITY CORPORATION: "So what we're offering people is the ultimate experience…”

While billionaires blast off into space

there’s a less expensive alternative for those who want to experience zero gravity

a 90-minute trip on board the G-Force One

for $7,500 per person

GOHD: “The experience of what it feels like to be an astronaut, to float weightlessly in the cabin of our hollowed-out cabin of our highly retrofitted and customized Boeing 727, where you're doing somersaults and hanging upside down and you are free from what we experience daily - gravity. And when you do a push up, you don't come back down."

Passengers feel the weightlessness for about 20-30 seconds

as the pilots reach a certain altitude while increasing the angle of the plane

The maneuver is repeated about 15 times during the flight

GOHD: "When people go up on the flight in the first parabola, everybody's giggling and wow and other exclamations. They've never felt anything like this. And they're like children again."

Zero G has been offering flights since 2004

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