Female football fans ready for promotion in new photography exhibition

Jessie Thompson

Female football fans are coming under the spotlight in a new exhibition that celebrates women who support the beautiful game.

Amy Drucquer and Laura Blake are two football fans who created This Fan Girl, a photography project dedicated to women and football, in order to celebrate the diversity of football fans. They visited every Premier League club to meet and take pictures of the women who support their local teams.

The pair say that they felt that existing media coverage didn’t properly reflect who female football fans were. During last year’s Euros, they googled ‘female football fans’ and found that the images weren’t the women that they were seeing at games. “We wanted to make that landscape a bit more real,” they said.

They suggest there are plenty of stereotypes around female football fans. “On a bit of a lighthearted note, you don’t see many ladies in hot pants and crop tops at a Premier League game in the depths of winter, for a start!” Blake says. “There’s tonnes of amazing, interesting, dedicated and passionate women, from little girls right up to women who’ve been fans since the 1940s that we’ve met and want to celebrate.”

Although the women they meet often don’t have time to chat for long as they’re on their way into the ground to watch the game, Blake says they’ve heard stories “that have really cracked us up and some that are a bit more emotional.”

“One of my favourites was a lady called Sally who was a huge Manchester United fan. She said her and her family moved to Australia, but they decided to come back to the UK after just six months because they missed going to the football at United too much!”

The exhibition runs from May 25-27 at Doomed Gallery in Dalston.