Female reveller attacks landlord when he tries to remove her from his pub

Shocking footage shows a sozzled female yob punching and slapping a pub landlord during a drunken attack after she refused to leave his boozer. Ian Hillman, 34, was viciously assaulted by the customer as he tried to remove her from The Real Ale Tavern, in Bewdley, Worcs., on Wednesday night (27/10). The pub boss was called downstairs by one of his barmaids when two women stayed behind after last orders and demanded more drinks. He said he was forced to restrain both of them after they were asked to leave multiple times but refused to budge at around 11.45pm. But as he marched one of the women towards the door, she became aggressive and lashed out - slapping him in the face. CCTV cameras captured the fracas spilling out onto the street where the female reveller can be seen throwing a wild punch which connected with Ian's temple. Police are now investigating the attack but so far no arrests have been made. Ian, who has ran the pub for two years, said: "I only had a single member of staff working - we stopped serving at 11pm and it got to 11.45pm and they were still there. "Heather my barmaid phoned me as they weren't leaving. She said she'd tried everything to make them leave and they weren't having any of it. "I asked them to leave politely and they downright refused. They just kept asking for another drink. "I told them that legally I could not serve them and both myself and Heather wanted to go home and go to bed. "The one girl started to get aggressive and started by flicking the peak of my baseball cap up. "She was saying 'you think you're a bad boy wearing an Icon cap' and I just said it was nothing to do about my hat, it was simply time to go home. "I told them I had a legal right to physically remove them myself and the one of them replies: 'Go on then try it, see what happens'." "The one girl didn't fight back and I was able to to get outside but the other slipped from my arms and slapped me in the face. "I then got her outside where she turned around and lashed out again, this time with her fist, which caught me on the left side of my temple. This video was filmed on the 27th October 2021.

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