Will Ferrell has Octavia Spencer in stitches after naming ‘valuable’ NSFW film prop he stole in 2008

Will Ferrell left Octavia Spencer in hysterics after revealing his most treasured stolen film memento.

The actors appeared on ITV1’s This Morning on Tuesday (15 November), when he was asked if he’s ever pinched memorabilia from the set of one of his films.

Ferrell then proceeded to tell presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he once took a NSFW item from the set of his 2008 comedy Step Brothers, which he starred in alongside John C Reilly.

“I have some interesting mementos from some of my films, but the most valuable one, literally, is from Step Brothers – prosthetics, of sorts,” the actor said.

Here, Ferrell trailed off, not knowing if he was allowed to say the word, but when prompted by Schofield, he added: “Testicles.”

Spencer, Schofield and Willoughby erupted into laughter, as Ferrell explained: ‘The testicles I put on a drum set, and I bring them out for dinner parties.”

Aftere a photo was shown of Ferrell holding the prosthetic testicles, he joked: “That looks like a crazy person.”

He continued: “I just have a little special box I keep them in.”

Will Ferrell with the prosthetic testicles from ‘Step Brothers’ (ITV1)
Will Ferrell with the prosthetic testicles from ‘Step Brothers’ (ITV1)

Ferrell and Spencer star opposite Ryan Reynolds in new Christmas comedy Spirited, which will be released on Apple TV+ on 18 November.