Festival-lover throws 'Glastonbury'-themed party and has painted his own long-drop toilet and cider bus

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A festival-lover has thrown his own Glastonbury themed party in his garden - complete with a stone circle, cardboard cider bus and painted long drop toilet. 

Nathan Carroll, 29, was gutted when his favourite event of the year was cancelled twice due to the pandemic, so spent weeks preparing decorations for a garden party in its place.

He recreated the iconic stone circle and the ribbon tower, as well as painting the cider bus and turning his garage door into a 'long drop toilet'.

It took him two full weeks to painstakingly craft all the details from the signposts down to his own wellies, taking him right up to the day before showtime.

Nathan, from Manchester, said: "Everyone said yesterday 'bloody hell, you need to get yourself a life.

"As people were going around the gate I told people to pick up stones for the stone circle.

"There's something about when you walk through those gates to Glastonbury that's hard to describe to people who haven't been before - its so magical."

Nathan streamed the 'Live at Worthy Farm' gig on a projector last night (22) for his Glasto-geek mates to come and watch outdoors - just as if they were sitting in a field.

He included some flags he took to festivals in 2010 and 2011, and even painted his recycling bin to emanate the classic Glastonbury bins.

He downloaded the specific Glastonbury font to make signs to the toilet, and recreated the huge Hollywood-style lettering mounted on the hill in the festival.

The fifteen guests, that included a newborn baby, were told to bring their own camping chairs adorned with the "Glastonbury mud" from previous festivals.

Nathan is an artist and paints oil paintings of the festival site which decorate his home and garden, and was devastated when both the planned 2020 and 2021 festivals were cancelled.

He has been to every event since 2009.

The serial Glasto-goer said: "I remember sitting on the bus on the way home from work and getting excited about it reading the line-up, and I thought 'its not going to get cancelled, this corona wont be around too long.'

"Last year when the festival should've been on we had a bit of a get together and watched some old sets - it wasn't as big as this one though, I was a bit too much in denial.

"But two years off we need to make this a big thing now, I'm going to have to do my best effort to throw our own Glastonbury in the garden."

The five-hour live-stream included performances from Coldplay, Damon Albarn and Jorja Smith who took to the Pyramid Field.

A highlight for Nathan was California rock band Haim, but "at the same time I just wanted to be there."

Sadly, technical issues left many fans unable to watch the livestream due to their unique access numbers returning 'Invalid Code', but Nathan didn't let it stop his party.

He said: "I think it was about quarter to nine by the time we finally got in it was meant to be 7pm it started. 

"It was like trying to get tickets it was like 'refresh, refresh'.

"Before and after while trying to get the stream on we took matters into our own hands and put some of the old sets on YouTube."

The show was eventually made free-to-watch by organisers, but ticket holders were left fuming and started a petition demanding refunds.

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