Festival Revellers Run From Exploding Hot Air Balloon in Myanmar

At least nine people were injured after fireworks lit in a hot air balloon exploded at an annual festival in the city of Taunggyi in Myanmar on Wednesday, November 14.

This video shows fireworks launching from the balloon before it crashed down onto the screaming crowd at the Tazaungdaing Festival. Revellers can be heard crying for help as they run for safety.

The balloon, carrying 40 pounds of explosives, fell about 300 feet onto the crowd, BBC Burmese reported. Coconuts reported that attendees were injured by the falling balloon.

Hundreds of people attended the opening day of the festival, the report said. In previous years people have died at the festival, including in 2014, when four people were killed. Credit: Jelle Tamminga via Storyful

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