Fetty Wap: Rapper pays tribute to daughter, calling four-year-old Lauren Maxwell his 'little twin'

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US rapper Fetty Wap has spoken publicly about his daughter's death, calling the four-year-old "my little twin" in a live stream.

His former partner Turquoise Miami revealed in an emotional Instagram post that Lauren Maxwell had died.

On an Instagram Live broadcast, while clutching a photo of his late daughter, the Trap Queen performer said: "Man. Man. Thank y'all, yeah? That's love. I appreciate y'all, for real. Damn. That's love. She'd be happy as hell.

"Thank y'all, yeah? I appreciate y'all. Look at my little twin right there. Will y'all do me a favour, though?

"Just post all butterflies. All butterflies. Shorty loved butterflies. Look at my little baby. Look at my little twin right there. I love you."

The chat function instantly filled with streams of butterfly emojis as followers obliged his request.

Fetty Wap, real name Willie Maxwell, also shared a photo of Lauren on his main feed, saying: "Hey mini-me (My twin).

"I love you to the moon and back forever and ever bestfriend [sic]."

Turquoise Miami, the girl's mother, wrote earlier in the week: "This is my amazing, beautiful, funny, vibrant, loving, talented, smart and hardheaded princess mermaid Aquarius.

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"If you see this post scrolling by with her comment or just say to yourself 'I love you LAUREN' because they say that souls can feel your love #rip."

Miami's caption was alongside a short, looping clip of her daughter in a swimming pool.

The performer has since deleted other Instagram posts and said she will not be responding to any messages.

It is not known what Lauren Maxwell's cause of death was, or when the tragedy happened.

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