Fight breaks out between customers at London petrol station

Shocking footage shows the moment tensions boiled over and a fight broke out between customers at a London petrol station. Video taken at BP Haverstock Hill, Camden, on Sunday (27/09) shows a heated moment after a moped delivery driver tried to skip the queue. Filip Tanaka, 23, from North London, said: "A moped delivery driver skipped the queue. There were two queues, one for cars and one for motorcycles. The petrol station employees were not allowing him to fuel up. "It then got heated as swear words and threats were thrown about, and then the driver grabbed one the guys by the neck (which is not seen in the video) and then intimidated another by driving the moped into someone, and then a fight broke out. "I think people should take from this, that understanding and frugality are key, in a time when teamwork and community are much needed, everyone seems to be very much on an every man for himself method which will get us nowhere in my opinion."

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