Filipina woman lives with large eye tumor

Footage shows a woman in the Philippines nursing a large tumour in her eye. Kristelle Jayne Adarle Noay, 25, has been living with the condition called lymphangioma since she was four years old. What her family first thought was a small mole on her eyeball swelled and nearly covered half of her face until she completely lost vision in her left eye. Lymphangiomas are rare, non-cancerous, fluid-filled growths in lymphatic vessels that can occur on the skin or on mucous membranes. Despite undergoing two surgeries in her hometown of Dumaguete, Kristelle's tumour has remained the same size. After the third failed operation, doctors dissuaded her from going through more invasive procedures as the tumour had become intertwined with a vein connected to her brain. Though the cyst itself was benign, it led to Kristelle being shunned by her classmates in high school. She said: "When I was a kid, I was bullied by my classmates at school. The thought of dropping out crossed my mind because I really did not know what else to do. My parents were the only reason I kept going." Today, Kristelle has learned to live with lymphangioma, taking to social media to inspire others who have disabilities like herself. She creates video content such as make-up tutorials and funny skits to show that she is soldiering on despite the challenges she's faced. "For those with disabilities like me, don’t be ashamed. Instead, show everyone that we can do what normal people do despite our condition," said Kristelle. "We need to show that we are strong and have faith in God, who would not have given us these disabilities if we couldn’t handle them."

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