Filipino mother's priceless reaction after her migrant worker daughter pops out from unexpected package

A mother had a priceless reaction after opening an unexpected package and finding her migrant worker daughter inside. Ellyza Casinas was sad that her daughter Anne could not come home for the Christmas holidays in Paranaque city, the Philippines. On 1 December 2021 she received a parcel instead as a gift from Dubai, revealing a surprise that confused her initially before turning her emotional. Footage shows the curious mother asking what's inside before her only daughter popped out of it. Daughter Anne said: ‘So it started when I decided to go home before Christmas so I could spend the holidays with my parents. ‘Mom was being emotional, telling me that it's really sad how another holiday will pass and we are not complete. When I arrived in the Philippines, I went straight to my hotel quarantine and stayed there until I got my negative result. ‘I asked help from my relatives for the surprise. I told them to hide me inside a box and just tell her that she received a package from UAE. And then the surprise happened.'