Film Crew on Hand as Firefighters Rescue Driver Who Entered Water at Maryland Marina

A film crew ready to shoot a fire department training video in Havre de Grace, Maryland, ended up catching a real rescue on camera after a driver plunged into the water off Millard Tydings Memorial Park on November 14.

The Susquehanna Hose Company’s Fire Rescue Boat and Dive Team were setting up a scenario during a video shoot for the Harford County Volunteer Fire & EMS Association when a vehicle drove off the marina parking lot and into the water. A rescue diver already wearing appropriate equipment “immediately” got into the water to begin rescue efforts, the SHCo said.

The SHCo said the vehicle became submerged with the driver still strapped inside. The rescue diver and crew are seen hoisting the sinking car and smashing the passenger-side glass to retrieve the driver, who was later evaluated by Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps and transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview Trauma Center.

The SHCo posted this video to Facebook. It was recorded by the First Arriving film crew. Credit: First Arriving via Storyful

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