Film fan builds his own mini Blockbuster outside his house

Peter Goddard with his homemade 'Blockbuster' store
-Credit: (Image: Peter Goddard/SWNS)

A nostalgic film fan has created a miniature Blockbuster video store outside his home so villagers can borrow and share classic DVDs. Peter Goddard, 39, spent weeks perfecting his Blockbuster-inspired DVD library with a light-up sign and popcorn, which he says has been a hit with locals.

The self-confessed “90s kid” was inspired to make the mini video shop after seeing a neighbour's free book library. Being a huge film fan, Peter decided to make his own version from an old record cabinet where people could borrow movies and also leave their own.

Peter, a school site manager and amateur filmmaker from Alderholt, Dorset, said: “Growing up I really connected with films. I grew up in the 90s, so I always collected DVDs and videotapes before that.

“When streaming came along, I did use it, but if I really enjoyed a film I wanted to own it. I never really gave up on physical media.

“It seems strange to me that people in the younger generations don’t know about DVDs. It makes me feel old now that many people don’t even know what Blockbuster was.”

After getting permission from his neighbour, the film fanatic got to work creating the library from the old cabinet and even letting his kids help with the decorations as a “fun weekend project”. The finished library is painted with the famous Blockbuster blue, slapped with stickers of movie posters and fitted with lights that are plugged into a power bank.

It also comes complete with a light-up Blockbuster sign on top bought from Etsy and a tongue-in-cheek sign saying: "Please remember to rewind!" Features similar to those offered by the video store chain, which was founded in 1985 and closed in 2014 - although there is one remaining store in Bend, Oregon, USA - include popcorn and a "must-see movie" section. The DVD library was finally put outside his home on May 18 and Peter said it had been very popular with the other villagers.

Peter Goddard's homemade 'Blockbuster' store
Peter Goddard's homemade 'Blockbuster' store -Credit:Peter Goddard/SWNS

He added: “A couple of people come down every night and I have had a few donations which is nice. The reaction has been really good.

“I 100 per cent miss Blockbuster. There is a difference between picking a film on a streaming service and leaving the house to go to the DVD shop. There was more of an effort to see certain films and a lot of enjoyment in browsing the shop aisles on a Friday night and making your decision about what film you are going to commit to for the weekend.”