Filming for new BBC thriller to take place in Glasgow

[Archive image of train] <i>(Image: BBC)</i>
[Archive image of train] (Image: BBC)

FILMING for a new suspense thriller will take place in Glasgow next year.

The BBC has announced it has commissioned the real-time thriller Nightsleeper which had been written by BAFTA and RTA award-winning writer Nick Leather (The Control Room) for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The series is set on a sleeper train travelling from Glasgow to London, while a government agency desperately tries to intervene in the rapidly-escalating events onboard.

It will follow two characters who have never met, one on the train and one not, who work together to save the lives of its disparate group of passengers as the Heart of Britain service hurtles towards what might literally be its final destination.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Nick Leather says: "I couldn’t be more excited to work with Euston Films and the BBC to drive the engine of this real-time thriller and take our audience along for a ride full of personal intrigue, political manoeuvring and danger.

"By the time dawn breaks at the end of this journey, no one involved will ever be the same again."

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Kate Harwood and Noemi Spanos say: "The classic on-screen genre of a runaway train is given a thrilling modern twist by screenwriter Nick Leather and we find ourselves with a small group of people in a race against time.

"We can’t wait to film this in Scotland next year."

Gaynor Holmes, commissioning editor for BBC Drama, says: "Nick Leather’s ingenious scripts combine a fantastic premise with a nail-biting plot and characters you will root for.

"We can’t wait to bring Nightsleeper hurtling on to the BBC - viewers will definitely want to catch it."