I Finally Found the Perfect No-Bounce Sports Bras For High-Intensity Workouts

Dana Avidan Cohn

If you're a runner or love high-intensity cardio, you know the struggle of finding a great sports bra. In my experience, many of the new stylish activewear sets offer almost no support. While they make work for cycling, hiking, and yoga, you really need something more substantial when high-impact cardio is involved.

It can be uncomfortable or downright painful to exercise in the wrong sports bra, and doing so may lead to more long-term discomfort. I've tried so many workout bras over the years, but nothing has really worked when it comes to minimizing bounce. I noticed a few new direct-to-consumer brands popping up on my social feed and decided to give them a try. I wore each one for the same workout class, a 60-minute Peleton Bootcamp, and was really impressed by each of these bras. Keep reading for the top three performers.