‘It’s finally happening’: Kathy Griffin leads celebrity reactions to Donald Trump’s indictment

‘It’s finally happening’: Kathy Griffin leads celebrity reactions to Donald Trump’s indictment

On Thursday (30 March), Donald Trump became the first-ever former US president to face a criminal indictment and many celebrity critics have already reacted to the news.

A New York City grand jury indicted the twice-impeached ex-president on charges of falsifying business records stemming from payments he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to prevent her from revealing an affair he had with her before the 2016 election.

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Mr Trump is reportedly facing more than 30 counts related to business fraud, sources told CNN.

The ex-president furiously reacted to the decision on his Truth Social website, calling it “an attack on our country”. On Twitter, however, many stars have rejoiced at the news.

US comedian Kathy Griffin – who was fired from CNN in 2017 after sharing a photo of herself holding an effigy of Trump’s decapitated head – tweeted(via The Hill): “It’s finally happening.”

Another Trump critic, author Stephen King tweeted: “Wise up, Republicans. Don't believe the lies. This isn't political. Donald Trump did this to himself. He betrayed your trust.”

Star Trek star George Takei wrote: “Let 2023 be the year of accountability.”

“Happy indictment day, to those who celebrate,” he added in another tweet.

Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore tweeted, “FINALLY! SOMETHING” alongside a square of block orange.

Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren tweeted: “Happy Donald Trump is indicted Day!!!!”

Charmed star Alyssa Milano – who has been a vocal Trump critic in the past – wrote: “Although accountability is vitally important and no one is above the law—this is a really sad day for The United States Of America.”

In a seperate tweet, she added: “The MAGA Republicans in office lied for [Trump] and want to undermine and overturn our entire legal system to keep covering up for him. It's past time for every Republican in office to declare they are with the American people in demanding Trump & his co-conspirators stand trial.”

The New York grand jury’s indictment against Trump could be just the first set of criminal charges facing the ex-president as he attempts to return to the White House for a second, nonconsecutive term.

Authorities in multiple jurisdictions are overseeing four other investigations that could result in more indictments against the former chief executive.

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