A new NFT features Robert De Niro's face reacting to the current price of ether

robert de niro home alone
Toby Melville/Reuters; Fox

Hollywood star Robert De Niro is partnering with LIT DAO for its non-fungible token collection, "Motion."

The NFTs will feature the two-time Oscar winner's face in black and white, and the digital images are programmed to change and react to the cryptocurrency's price in real-time.

Using De Niro's acted-out facial expressions as a market gauge, the project is meant to represent a technology that is "alive" and adapts to a changing environment.

According to the project's OpenSea page, these NFTs are "an exploration of the dynamic interplay between market volatility and emotional volatility."

LIT had announced the NFTs on January 8, when it released the tokens for whitelisted wallets. To mint one of the moving, digital images of De Niro's face, it cost 0.068 ether, or just above $200.

Now, all available NFTs have already been minted and the tokens are now available on the OpenSea marketplace. The current floor price is 0.285 ether, or about $860.

Meanwhile, the image for the De Niro NFT has had little reason to show a happy expression.

In the past week, ether, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies have sold off sharply to hawkishness from the Federal Reserve as well as unrest in Kazakhstan. Ether had plunged 15% over the last five days, and is currently priced at about $3,004.

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