Finding Alice's finale sets up more mysteries in season 2

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Photo credit: Joss Barratt - ITV
Photo credit: Joss Barratt - ITV

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Finding Alice finale spoilers follow.

ITV series Finding Alice blends comedy with drama in the most unlikely circumstances, telling the story of a family whose seemingly perfect lives unravel after a sudden death.

Title character Alice (played by Keeley Hawes, whose performance carries the two themes perfectly) is devastated when her partner Harry (Jason Merrells) dies after falling down the stairs of their new smart home – a house not quite smart enough to include the banisters that could have saved his life.

Alice copes in an unconventional manner by relying on mortuary worker Nathan (Rhashan Stone) for support and friendship. Her daughter, Charlotte (Isabella Pappas), is more subdued, but they are both shocked by a series of bombshells left behind by Harry.

Photo credit: Joss Barratt - ITV
Photo credit: Joss Barratt - ITV

From a secret long-lost son, to mounting debts and mysteriously stored sperm, it appears Alice had been blissfully oblivious before tragedy struck.

She soon finds herself at war with her extended family while trying to navigate her grief — and by the time the finale draws to a close, life isn’t any calmer.

Finding Alice series one ending explained

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

The last episode of Finding Alice sees Harry’s son George (George Webster) introduce Alice to a friend as a potential investor for Harry’s land, but this quickly falls flat. He also retrieves their lost family photos, but little does she know that he is spying on Alice and Charlotte after hacking into their computer.

Alice later finds out what caused Harry’s death through a recording taken on George’s phone that night. George is heard threatening Harry shortly before his fatal fall, instructing him to tell everyone of his existence or he will make his life miserable.

Having decided to use Harry’s sperm to conceive a baby, Alice also hears him declare, in his last words, that he has "enough children running around."

Her suspicions lead her to question his hostile former business partner Tanvi (Ayesha Dharker) on the paternity of her two children, who she shares with her wife Patti (Julia Leyland). While Tanvi claims Harry is not their father, she privately tells Patti she may tell Alice the truth of the matter "when it’s helpful."

Graham (Graeme Hawley), who Alice met at the bereavement group, invites her over to talk after their drunken kiss. But she soon spots that there are no photos of his late wife around the house. He hasn’t installed the kitchen Alice sold him, and later dumps it outside her house rather than completing the payment.

Alice makes peace with Harry’s parents, who accept the official decision that his body can remain buried in the family garden. Although Minnie (Gemma Jones) and Gerry (Kenneth Cranham) own the house and need to sell it to pay off their own debts, they agree on working together to avoid this.

In poignantly played scenes by Sharon Rooney, we learn that Nicola always felt second best next to Harry. Alice encourages Minnie and Gerry to form a stronger bond with their daughter.

Roger (Nigel Havers) leaves Sarah (Joanna Lumley) and moves in with Alice; resulting in Charlotte going to stay with her grandmother when the house becomes too crowded. The couple are eventually reunited, while Alice realises she has neglected Charlotte during the chaos.

She finally puts things right with her daughter, but this doesn’t stop Alice beginning her insemination plan in the closing moments of the finale – with no idea she has far bigger things to worry about than the prospect of a new baby.

How the Finding Alice finale sets up season two

Photo credit: JOSS BARRATT - ITV
Photo credit: JOSS BARRATT - ITV

We don’t yet know if Finding Alice will return, but there are plenty of questions that need answering as Alice’s problems have only grown bigger. She is still struggling with money and is no closer to saving her home from being sold — and of course, her loss is still fresh.

If her plan is successful, Alice could either be pregnant or have already given birth to Harry’s baby by the time a potential series two arrives. But any joy will be disrupted by a few ticking time-bombs.

While she knows that Harry‘s samples were stored a decade earlier, Alice is unaware that Tanvi’s children were conceived via Harry’s sperm. Tanvi’s intention to tell Alice at a later date hints at a motivation for money; but there is also a sense that Alice still doesn’t know what is really going on with the business.

Given what he said before his death, it’s possible that Harry fathered even more offspring. Roger also points out that for all Alice knows, Harry could have been unfaithful. A second season would likely expose the extent of Harry’s lies to Alice.

Elsewhere, there's her new acquaintance, Graham, who only agreed to purchase Alice’s kitchen to get close to her (and is likely to be lying about the loss of his wife).

Between chasing up the return of his deposit for the kitchen, and his unnerving interest in Alice; it doesn’t look like we’ll have seen the last of Graham if another season is on the horizon.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

This brings us to the ultimate villain of the piece: George. He refuses to give up his inheritance, and is now watching Alice and Charlotte without their knowledge. Whether it’s all about financial gain or something more sinister, he’s certainly a danger to them.

If Finding Alice returns, the events surrounding Harry’s death may still need addressing. Was the actual fall really an accident, or a calculated scheme on George’s part to gain access to Harry’s money?

Finding Alice is on ITVPlayer and airs Sundays on ITV at 9pm.

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