Finland: cars destroyed in Ukraine on display at Lux Light Festival

Every year, Helsinki lights up for its LUX Light Festival.

There are more than 30 installations this year, but one, in particular, is attracting attention.

Several cars destroyed during fighting in Ukraine are on display, illuminated from the inside.

The wrecks were salvaged and transported from Ukraine to Finland by Czech designer Maxim Velčovský.

"Everyday life can suddenly fall apart"

"There are four cars. Next to each car is a story about that car and its owner", says Juha Rouhikoski, Artistic Director of the festival.

"They are all a little different, they tell the story of how that car has been an important part of the owner's everyday life and how suddenly it is burned out."

"For me, those cars are just symbols, and also for the artist. They could just as well be bicycles or whatever. They illustrate how everyday life can suddenly fall apart."

Maxim Velčovský – The Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living at Helsinki's Lux Light Festival - JULIUS KONTINEN

"In my opinion, this can only evoke one emotion, which is intense sadness", says a festival spectator. "It's great that such a thought-provoking work has been brought to this festival of light art this time."

The installation is entitled "The Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living". These fragments of war are on display at Helsinki's Lux light festival until Sunday.