Finnish Resident Singlehandedly Pushes Large Ice Floe From Island With Rowboat

“It only takes one determined person to move a mountain. Or an iceberg,” Senja Larsen wrote on February 1 after she filmed her husband pushing an ice floe on his own using a rowboat off the coast of Finland’s Parais Island.

On January 31, Larsen shared this video to Twitter from the island in the FInnish Archipelago, saying they would be iced in soon and were “getting prepared by moving some icebergs.” Her husband, Mårten Mickos, moved the large ice floe off the beach by pushing it with his boat and oars.

According to a profile in Ilta-Sanomat, the couple had been splitting their time between Finland and San Francisco, but moved to their own “pandemic paradise” amid the coronavirus pandemic. They had been “prisoners of ice” on the island since early December. But they have stocked up on food and other essentials, and have working internet, the report said. Credit: Senja Larsen via Storyful