Fire Breaks Out at Beirut Port Almost Two Years After Deadly Explosion

Beirut residents expressed concern on Thursday, July 21, as a fire continued to burn at the site of a deadly explosion that killed over 200 people in 2020.

According to local news reports, the fire, which started in a silo in early July of 2022, was ignited by fermenting wheat and grains that remained in the damaged structure for years.

Lebanon’s economy minister, Amin Salam, told reporters that the government was “studying the best way to treat the situation without resorting to haphazard decisions or demolition.” Salam said it was a “complicated and tricky situation,” as the heavily damaged silo was at risk of collapsing.

Beirut residents have taken to social media to express concern about the ongoing fire.

This footage, captured by Beirut-based photojournalist Daniel Carde, shows smoke billowing out of the silo. Credit: Daniel Carde via Storyful

Video transcript


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