Fire Crews Conduct Rescue Operations as Flooding Inundates St Louis Area

Fire crews in St Louis, Missouri worked in the early hours of Tuesday, July 26, as severe flooding inundated the area and remained a threat throughout the day, the National Weather Service warned.

This footage, posted to Facebook by the St Louis Fire Department, show scenes in St. Louis early Tuesday morning. According to the fire department, several vehicles were reported to be “completely submerged underwater,” and flood levels continued to rise at the time of recording.

According to local reports, the flooding forced the partial closure of all four interstates throughout the St Louis area. Credit: St Louis Fire Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- I'll allow a few more viewers to join this broadcast. It will be a brief broadcast, just reporting some of the conditions the companies are out working in this morning due to the substantial amount of rainfall in a short amount of time. We are in the 900 block of North Skinker. Stand by. A fire is being dispatched, or it was just dispatched.


All right, so we are on location with rescue squad 1 and engine 28, 900 block of North Skinker. Several vehicles were reported completely submerged under water. You have the overpass ahead of us, and you can see some of the conditions in by a moment.


So just to kind of give you an idea, let me turn this down. Just to give you an idea of how quickly this water is still rising, maybe about two or three minutes ago, I was about 20 feet further than where I am extended out on that walkway. And now it is being overrun with water. You can see how it's really coming up rather quickly. So this is going to be a brief broadcast, as I am going to need to relocate as well.

You can see our members over there. Again, we're here with members of rescue squad number 1 and engine 28. It's very important that everyone is safely outside of the vehicle. To the extent that we were able to check, there was one vehicle that was completely submerged. And that's what we're game planning on now, getting down to the vehicle safely just to make sure that there's no one inside.

Variety of these type of calls, perhaps not this severe throughout the city. We'll be headed South here shortly as there is a neighborhood that is taking on a significant amount of water. So if you do not follow the St. Louis Fire Department on Twitter, I would encourage you to do so @STLFireDept. You're already here on Facebook. We're also on Instagram as the Saint Louis Fire Department. We'll keep you updated to the best of our ability.

If you have to go out this morning, please travel safely. Avoid standing or high water. I know it's difficult to see due to the lack of lighting, but exercise extreme caution. And here, we are being overrun here. So we'll shut this down and remain safe ourselves.

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