Fire Crews Defend Historic Family Camp From Caldor Fire

A 100-year-old family camp was saved from the 299-square-mile Caldor Fire, the City of Sacramento said on August 30, as the wildfire continued to spread through California’s El Dorado and Amador counties.

The City of Sacramento said multiple fire crews “worked for four days around the clock to create defensible space” around Camp Sacramento.

The fire crept to within feet of some of the camp’s structures, but no buildings were damaged, according to Keith Wade, the public information officer for the Sacramento Fire Department. “As you can see in this video, all the buildings are intact, no damage at this point. The head of the fire came through yesterday midday, extending into the evening,” Wade said. The camp has 61 cabins – most built in the 1930s – plus a dining hall, lodge, store, nurse’s office, and outdoor sports courts, according to the city of Sacramento.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, but Camp Sacramento is still intact,” Wade said.

The Caldor Fire, which began burning on August 14, had spread to 191,607 acres by August 31 and remained at 16 percent containment. Credit: City of Sacramento/Sacramento Fire Department via Storyful

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