Fire Erupts at Oakland Homeless Encampment

A homeless encampment under a bridge in Oakland, California caught fire and burned down on April 28, fire officials told local media.

Footage taken by Twitter user @swampzillah shows the fire blazing and dark smoke billowing out from under the Lake Merritt Boulevard overpass. In the video, several bangs are heard over the crackling of the fire. Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Tracey Chin said these were caused by propane tanks firefighters found in the debris, according to the East Bay Times.

The Fire Department told local media no one was injured in the fire and an investigation had begun into its cause. Credit: @swampzillah via Storyful

Video transcript



- I'm really hoping nobody in there.

- And that bridge is going to fall apart.



- No, no, that's-- I feel like that's like a propane tank. I don't want to be like too close.




- Bro, if I were you, I would just be--

- I'm going to move my car.

- Nope. Go move your car. But you want me to take some pictures for you? I'd be taking pictures of it.


- Oh, you're on the bridge. Yeah, go move your [MUTED]

- [INAUDIBLE] well, what do I do? [INAUDIBLE]

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