Fire Evident Inside Tree as Bushfires Die Down on New South Wales Coast

Forest land ravaged by bushfires at Conjola on the New South Wales South Coast was still smouldering as fire warnings were lifted for the area.

In this video, posted to Facebook on January 17 but filmed around two weeks earlier, a tree near Martins Ridge Farm can be seen burning on the inside while a small spot-fire smokes nearby.

“Found this at the back of our property the other day. Makes you realise how hard it is to put fires out and why trees fall over after the fire has been through,” the post said.

Conjola and many other districts on the South Coast were threatened by catastrophic bushfires, which forced holidaymakers and locals to shelter from the flames on beaches on New Year’s Day.

Several homes in nearby Conjola Park and Lake Conjola were destroyed when the giant Currowan blaze swept through the area.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service last issued a warning for the area on January 4, however firefighters were still bringing the fire under control amid milder conditions on January 17. Credit: Martins Ridge Farm via Storyful