Fireball spotted over UK 'may have landed in ocean near Scotland'

Huge Fireball Spotted in, British Isles May Have, Smashed Into Ocean Near Scotland.'Newsweek' reports that a gigantic fireball was witnessed by over 870 people in Scotland and parts of England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.On September 15, the blazing object was spotted north of the British Isles and is believed to have smashed into the ocean off the coast of Scotland.Videos of the occurrence were posted to social media and on the International Meteor Organization (IMO) website.According to 'Newsweek,' the object, which emitted a greenish light and left behind a trail of debris, is suspected to have been space junk.The U.K. Meteor Network, a group of citizen scientists who monitor for meteors around the country, suggests the object was man-made.Having studied many videos of last night's fireball over Ireland, northern England and Scotland, we are of the opinion that this was space debris, The U.K. Meteor Network, via Twitter.According to the group, if the object survived its fiery trip through the atmosphere, then it would have landed south of the Hebrides archipelago off the west coast of Scotland.So far, in 2022, space debris has made headlines multiple times.In July, parts of a SpaceX rocket slammed into an Australian sheep farm. .Debris from Chinese rockets has also raised concerns this year due to multiple uncontrolled de-orbits.