Fired 'Apprentice' Kurran says that he will 'win an Oscar'

Ben Arnold
Kurran Pooni (Credit: BBC)
Kurran Pooni (Credit: BBC)

Remember where you were when fired Apprentice contestant Kurran Pooni said he would ‘win an Oscar’.

Because that’s the plan for the eccentric, 22-year-old law graduate.

And though he was only given the boot by Lord Sugar on last night’s show, he’s pretty much admitted that he only really went on the show to see how he looked on TV.

In an interview with the Radio Times, he said: “I want to be an actor so I need to know if I look and sound good on screen and this is the best way to do that: get on TV.

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)

“And, you know what, I’m happy with what I see. Just the facial expressions… and there are so many cameras from different angles… it’s nice to know that me being me is entertaining.”

He added: “It wasn’t the primary reason for going on the show, but it was certainly in the back of my mind: to build a bit of a profile of myself.”

Viewers of the show were consistently confused about how he managed to evade Lord Sugar’s firing finger for six weeks, but he finally fell foul of the business magnate in the airline advertising task last night.

“I’m looking to secure some representation so I can get a foot in the industry and get some more auditions and actually just demonstrate I can act,” he goes on.

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)

“All I’ve done is build a profile for myself. Now it’s time to prove to people I can act and that Benji was not the extent of my ability. I mean it when I say I will win an Oscar.”

And he’s already making in-roads too, revealing in a separate interview with Metro that he has a small role in the forthcoming Disney remake of Aladdin.

“I recently did a bit of work on Aladdin,” he said. “Will Smith is the genie, Guy Ritchie is the director – I’m a Palace Guard. It was amazing experience.

“I know there’s a taboo about doing extra work but to me that didn’t matter. To be on that set with such a high budget – I needed to be there to see the goings on and realise that’s where I wanted to be.

As for the Fresh Prince, he said: “He’s cool, he’s really nice. He really made an effort to say hello to everyone.”

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