Firefighters attempt to put out car blaze believed to have been started by teens on Bonfire Night

A shocking video shows firefighters trying to put out a car blaze - believed to have been started by teenagers on Bonfire Night.

One resident who witnessed the event in Sheffield said: “These teenagers are just getting bolder and bolder.

"I’ve heard of other incidents in the past week of fireworks thrown at people.

"Sooner or later it’s going to get someone killed and it’s just entertainment for them.

"I’m absolutely fed up.”

Chief inspector Lee Carlson, from South Yorkshire Police said: “We know the majority of people want to enjoy Bonfire Night and are not out to cause issues.

"There are a small minority of people that are intent on causing trouble and don’t seem to understand how serious it is to let off fireworks in a public place.

"Not only is it illegal but really dangerous not just to them but to innocent people that could be passing by.

“Over the next few days leading up to Bonfire Night there will be extra officers out on patrol in key areas that have been identified, and longer term plans are in place with the local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to catch those responsible.

"We will also be conducting test purchase operations at places that are selling fireworks to make sure they are not selling any to under-18s.

“We do not want to stop anybody’s fun and know that young people will be out enjoying the festivities, but if you are a parent please talk to your children about how dangerous this is and if you do have information about people doing this please report it to us on 101 or through our online portal here.

"Always call 999 in an emergency.

“The best way to enjoy Bonfire Night and fireworks is to attend an organised display.

"The bonfires are bigger, the fireworks are better and they are a lot safer. Please enjoy Bonfire Night responsibly.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Our officers are here to keep you safe, but we can only do so much.

"Please talk to your children about the dangers of playing with fireworks and letting them off in public.

"We are working with the local councils and our Neighbourhood Policing Teams are doing extra patrols in key areas to try and prevent this and catch those responsible.”