Firefighters Capture Front Line Video of KNP Complex Fire

The KNP Complex Fire reached 46,976 acres (about 73 square miles) and was 8 percent contained as of Monday, September 27, as it continued to grow and spread northeast into portions of the Sequoia National Forest, according to authorities.

This footage, released by the Rio Vista Fire Department, shows dramatic scenes from the front lines of the blaze. “Your Rio Vista firefighters are healthy but tired from working through the nights to save these giant sequoias,” the department wrote in a caption.

Fire teams will be prioritizing the protection of life and property in impacted communities, giant sequoias, as well as infrastructure and facilities in Sequoia National Park, officials said.

“The absolute number one priority of the team is the safety and well-being of firefighters so they live to fight fire another day,” they wrote. Credit: Rio Vista Fire Department via Storyful

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