Firefighters Fell Trees Damaged in Caldor Fire

Firefighters and contractors felled damaged trees in Christmas Valley, California, on September 7 as residents, previously evacuated due to the Caldor Fire, returned to the South Lake Tahoe area.

The footage, posted on Facebook by the US Forest Service’s Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, shows a massive tree, damaged in the Caldor Fire, being felled.

Felling the damaged trees, the forest service said, was vital for eliminating the risk of them falling on the road and causing damage or injury.

South Lake Tahoe residents were allowed to return home after the area’s evacuation order was changed to a warning on Sunday, September 5.

“If you are returning to any areas of the Caldor Fire we urge you to be cautious when driving and around your home. Please be courteous and cautious around emergency responders, vehicles and equipment,” the Forest Service said. Credit: U.S. Forest Service – Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit via Storyful

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