Firefighters Work Through the Night to Stabilize Pujerra Wildfire

Firefighters worked through the night and early morning on June 10 to stabilize a 2,100 hectare wildfire near Pujerra, Spain.

Local media, quoting Head of INFOCA, the Forest Fire Extinction Service in Andalucia, Juan Sanchez, reported that firefighters had worked through the night to “control the irregular perimeters” of the fire.

According to INFOCA, the perimeters of the fire were “stabilized” by 9 am local time on June 10, though the fire itself was not yet controlled.

Some of the around 2,000 people who were evacuated from Pujerra and other affected areas earlier this week have been allowed to return, with INFOCA authorizing the return of residents in Benahavis, Benahavis Hill, and Marbella Club areas to return on Friday morning. Credit: INFOCA via Storyful

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