Firefighters, Plumbers, and Cops Join Effort to Free Puppy That Fell Into Vent

Firefighters, plumbers, and law enforcement in the south Denver area pulled out all the stops recently in the complex rescue of a 12-week-old puppy that fell through a vent in a townhouse and ended up stuck for hours in the building’s ductwork.

Video from South Metro Fire Rescue shows crews using video technology and cutting holes in the building as they try to locate little Archie Bean.

“Archie unintentionally slipped through the uncovered vent after jumping from the bed, leaving him stranded for over three hours,” South Metro Fire Rescue said.

“The rescue operation was not without its challenges, as the crew had to navigate through the intricate ductwork of the townhome to locate Archie,” they said.

The fire department added that the “harrowing ordeal” caught the attention of others, prompting another fire station, the local sheriff’s department, and a plumbing service to join the rescue efforts.

“I’m very happy,” Archie’s owner says in the video as she hugs her pup. “It felt like we could hear him everywhere.”

“He fell from the third floor down to the basement and he doesn’t have a cut on him. He’s tired, he needs a bath,” she adds.

She also praised rescue crews who she says “did not stop until I got my baby back.” Credit: South Metro Fire Rescue via Storyful

Video transcript


Come get your treats, baby, come get your treats.

I wish I could see you.

What's his name?


His name is Archie Bean.

What kind of?

He's a Pekinese.

He's almost 5 or a little more than 5.

I'm just really RT Archie.

We're looking down the pipe, everything settles down to the bottom.

So the night goes down.

All right, we're going through the ceiling of the main pull the flashlight there or somebody actually pushed the white button, take a picture on my phone right, right there, right there right here on my son's bed and I took the other dogs to go out.

And so he jumped off my son's bed and right into this hole.

And my son said he, he could see him like going like this and he tried to get him, but there's like a lot of nails and stuff.

So, uh we are gonna cut another 18 inch by 18 inch hole, access the vent pipe above trying to find a knife sacred stuck in the knife.

He's very slippery.

Very slinky dog.

Archie, baby.

RT say something, honey, it's elbow in right here.

So this is the elbow right here.


Archie, I can hear someone talking right there.

There you go.

Right there.

Yeah, that's the elbow up there and you don't see anything on it.

You want to take it down and see how far we can go down.

We think we saw his eyes, his eyes, he's just had his eyes.

It's been 2.5 hours that he's been stuck in this event.

I'm just really, every time I hear him cry wherever I am, whichever event I'm next to it sounds like that's where he is.

So that's why we can't tell where he is.

That's in the corner of the dutch heat too.

In the wall that we went into was right above this.

That's the point.

That's that big trunk line, isn't it?

Oh, that's him right there.

No, he just, he just hit that.

He just popped at the end of the camera.

There's a 90 there that's taped and if we could separate it, we could put it back together right off of here to somewhere in there.

I just want enough where somebody could crawl up.

I texted my entire family in California and Texas and told them I need prayers exactly what was happening.

And who was here and trying to help this whole community is on edge.

Trying to figure out when this dog is gonna be ok.

There it is.

Can you see him or no?


00, got him.

Got him Come here, buddy.


Come here, buddy.

Come here.

Good boy.

Come here, buddy.

Come on.

We need some treats baby to me, buddy.

Oh, good boy.

Can you turn his camera?

You're right on his face.

So come here.

Come here, buddy.

Come on.

I need treats or something.

He's not coming up.

Come on.

Oh, there we go.

Do you want some treats?

Hey, baby.

Hi baby.

Here we go, Archie.

Look, it's me.

Look, mommy.

Come down, baby.

Good boy.

Come on.

Do you want me to let you up here?

Come on.

Pumpkin here, I'll give you the treats.

I don't want to pull on him because I don't know if he's got screws around him.

Come on, if you scratch his belly, it's ok.

I'll take him to the bed.

Come on buddy.

Oh my baby.

Yeah, here we go.

Come on.

It's ok.

It's ok.

It's ok.

Here we go.

Here we go.

Here we go.


Where's mom?

Oh, that was a good one.

Holy cow.

My baby.

Oh, we're so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you guys.

Thank you guys.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

That is a prayer answer.

South Metro fire and rescue Trent.

Um The engineer, the man on the camera, everybody who was digging in all the holes in my house and cutting in the walls and the ceilings.

Thank you so much for not giving up.

I'm very happy.

Ok. Y'all have been here for over three hours and you did not stop until I got my baby back.

My mind is on a whirlwind right now.

It felt like we could hear him everywhere.

But he went from the third floor down to the basement.

He fell from the third floor down to the basement and he doesn't have a cut on him.

He's tired.

He needs a bath.

I'm tired.

I probably need a bath by now.

Everybody who is here.

The sheriff, South Metro, we got him, we got him.

You guys made a miracle today.

Thank you so much.

We got you guys.

It's not a cover over the vent.

Keep your vents covered.

None of the vent covers are secure.

But don't think that more air is coming out.

If you have a small animal in your house, don't think, don't think twice.

Just leave the vents covered.

That's my advice.