Firefighters rescue 18 horses trapped in mire in northern China

18 horses were trapped in a mire in Xinjiang, northwestern China and firemen pulled the horses out with nearly 3 hours of rescue.

In the video filmed on April 3 in Tacheng District, 18 horses fell into the mud with most of their body trapped. Ten firemen came to the scene and wrapped the horses' upper body with a rope and slowly dragged them out of the puddle, but failed as the animals were too heavy.

Afterwards, the firefighters found a steel wire net nearby and built a simple pontoon, then they successfully dragged nine horses from the mud in the puddle. Then they used a tractor and dragged the horses from above the bunker, finally getting all horses out of the mud.

It’s reported that those horses fell into the mud when drinking water. The video is provided by the local fire department.