Firefighters Saw Through Side of Backyard Swimming Pool to Rescue Horse

A homeowner’s backyard pool had to be partially destroyed by firefighters in Penngrove, California, on March 2, to allow a horse that had fallen in to get out.

According to a local report, the horse’s owner, Kery Poteracke, said she was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of her 24-year-old horse, Spirit, falling through the cover of her pool.

Poteracke called 911 after she, her son and daughter-in-law couldn’t get Spirit out.

Firefighters had to saw through part of a deck around the pool, lay some paving stones, and then cut through the side of the pool so the horse could step up and out.

Poteracke was pretty sanguine about the fate of her pool. “They cut the side of the pool, which, now I don’t have pool anymore, but, I’ve got a horse that’s not hurt. So I thank them all so much for everything they did. It was just wonderful,” she cold CBSN Bay Area.

Spirit emerged with just a small number of leg abrasions. Credit: Dave Cannon via Storyful