Firefighters Silhouetted Against Orange Glow of Fire Near Athens

Firefighters worked through the night into August 4 in efforts to contain a destructive fire that broke out in the north Athens suburb of Varympompi.

At least 520 firefighters were deployed, officials said, with assistance from the Greek Army.

Residents were told to evacuate from multiple areas due to the threat, with the fire continuing to spread on the morning of August 4, according to local reports. Images published by Kathimerini showed a number of businesses, residences and vehicles were destroyed.

Dozens of volunteers have also joined the effort to contain the flames, according to Kathimerini. Local mayor Spyros Vrettos said the destruction was "incalculable”, and that dozens of homes were lost.

This footage, captured by reporter Evangelo Sipsas, shows a silhouette of firefighters backlit by the orange glow of the raging fire in Varympompi on August 3. Credit: Evangelo Sipsas via Storyful

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